My name is Marie Therese O’Sullivan and I am the Owner and Manger at Hour Kitchen.

Before Hour Kitchen, I was a stay at home mum of 3 who loved to bake. As my children grew up and started out on their own career paths I turned my passion for baking from a hobby into a full time career. In 2012, I officially set up The Cake Maker, specialising in celebration cakes for all occasions. You name it, I made a cake for it. Whether it was for a 2 year olds birthday or a 102 year old, I made sure each cake was a unique and special addition to all parties.

As The Cake Maker expanded I out grew my home kitchen which I had registered as HSE compliant and was left pondering where to go next. I spent a significant amount of time researching a variety of possibilities but no place or facility matched my requirements. I needed a kitchen that I could use on an hourly basis not full time. I didn’t need to be paying for a space for 24/7 when I needed space for between 5-25 hrs a week.

Along with my husband Liam, we set about planning kitchens that matched the requirements that matched those of The Cake Maker and many more small businesses similar to mine.

In early 2015, we secured a shell of a premises in Churchtown, Dublin 14. After almost a year of planning and fit out, we opened Hour Kitchen, 4 fully kitted HSE compliant kitchens and ancillary space.

As food has become such a large part of our lives today, these kitchens give small producers the means to get their products to market, having being prepared in a HSE compliant environment without the huge overheads of having their own kitchens.

The kitchens can match the needs of the user. They can now be rented by the hour, day or week depending on the requirements.

We adapt and work with users to make sure that they are getting the best service possible from Hour Kitchen.